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Do I need an AFSWiki account?


NOTE: You can not submit support reports or perform Liaison functions using the Wiki.
Please use Global Link,
Please Read the section below on what the Wiki is not


As of March 1, 2010, the AFS Wiki became Open.
This means that most of the pages on the Wiki can be read without the requirement of logging in.

Benefits of the Open Wiki are...

  • Volunteer leaders can send web links ( URL's ) to pages that are good to know to other volunteers in their Team or Chapter and know that the article can be read without the requirements of logging in.
  • More volunteers will have easy access to information about AFS. An informed volunteer is an empowered volunteer and strong volunteers make a successful organization.
  • One password you NO LONGER need to use or remember.

Advantages of having an AFSWiki account include...

Registered Wiki members have the ability to:

  • Read Private pages.
    These include Wiki User: pages, where some wiki users may choose to share personal information about themselves. Other Private pages contain some confidential information internal to AFS-USA volunteers and staff.
  • Contribute to the Wiki by editing pages.
    Please review the Wiki Standards and Protocol.

Account Closure

A wiki account will be closed for any of the following reasons:

  1. A volunteer registration has expired
  2. A staff member that is not a volunteer is no longer employeed
  3. The account was never used
  4. The account remained inactive for at least two years. Even if a volunteer is still registered but has not logged in to the wiki for two years, the account is determined to be inactive.
The wiki still remains open and readable for these people. The account closure only removes the ability to edit and view private pages. If they find a need for an account again and meet the criteria for an account a new account will be provided on request.

What the Wiki is NOT...

  • The Wiki is not the place to file Contact Reports for Liaisons.
    Monthly Contact reports are entered into Global Link. Reference: Instructions for submitting Monthly Contact reports.
  • The Wiki is not the place to Register or Re-register as a volunteer.
    Reference: Volunteer Registration and Volunteer Re-Registration for requirements and descriptions of the process.
  • The Wiki does not have information about students and/or participants.
    The Wiki does contain some limited information about volunteers and staff, however that information may not be current.
    Global Link is the authoritative information resource for individual students, volunteers, or staff members.
  • There are no reports submitted through the Wiki.
  • Formal required training is not on the Wiki. Please log into your Global Link account or Click Here.

I understand the options and would like to join the AFS Wiki

  1. Make sure that you're eligible for an account, according to the AFSWiki Access Policy. In general, this means you must be an AFS-USA registered volunteer or a current employee of the AFS-USA staff.
  2. Make sure you do not have an account already. If you have an account:
    1. Your account username is capitalized first letter of your first name, followed by your full last name with the first letter capitalized. Example: Robert Smith would be RSmith.
    2. Given this username, if you have forgotten your password, please visit the login page, enter your username, and click "E-mail Password." A new password will be sent to the email address already assigned to your account.
    3. Once you login, please use the preferences in the upper right hand corner to set your password to something you will be likely to remember.
  3. If you do not already have an account, send an email to:
    1. Be sure you read the section above regarding What the Wiki is NOT.
    2. Please change the subject line of your email to AFS Wiki New Account Request for [ your full name ].
    3. Inside the body of your email request, please include:
      • that you understand that the Wiki is Open but would still like a User Account.
      • your name (don't forget also to put it in the Subject line (see 3.1 above)
      • email address
      • city and state (full address if you would like)
      • Optionally, telephone number(s) where other volunteers may reach you. If you provide a telephone number, it may be published in the AFS Wiki for other registered users but not visible to non-registered wiki members.
    4. Because many have been misinformed about the need for a Wiki account we would like to ensure you get the information you need. We may be able to save you the need for one more login and password by maybe sending you a file or directing you to the correct location. So please include in your request why you need an account. i.e.
      • I will be posting minutes from my volunteer group
      • I am responsible for facilitating Compliance in my Team
      • Joe Smith told me that I could read ______ information found in the Private area of the Wiki
    5. If you would like, attach a picture of yourself, to help other volunteers recognize you. Please attach a picture in .jpg or .png format (the filename should end in ".jpg" or ".png"). The file size should be under 250 KB, and preferably under 100 KB.
  4. You should receive a response within about one day.
  5. You will be able to edit your listing, including photo(s), once the account has been established.

Recap Requirements to request a Wiki account

  1. You must be a current registered volunteer or currently employed by AFS-USA.
  2. You have read this page and understand what the Wiki is Not.
  3. You understand that the Wiki is Open not requiring a Login for the majority of it contents.
  4. Explain why you need a Wiki Account.

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