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The AFS Digital Intercultural Learning (ICL) Library is a depository for ICL and quality standards materials, projects, and ideas from across the AFS Network at the Partner, regional and international levels, as well as external resources. It includes "recommended" files from the extended AFS International team, as well as our expert colleagues. Users can "rate" files, too, to indicate the ones they find the most and least helpful.

A login is required to access the Library and its resources. All AFS Staff and Active Volunteers are eligible to register for a login. To do so, visit The AFS ICL Library Website and click the "register" link on the login screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the ICL Library?

The ICL Library is an internal database for AFS volunteers and staff. For now, it is not to be shared with external audiences such as host families, participants, and possible donors. However, we hope in the future to be able to extend our audiences!

How can I access the library?

Everyone needs to access the library through their own, unique username. To receive a username, visit to register for an account.

What kinds of materials are in the ICL Library?

Materials range in type from single activities to complete orientation manuals, and academic papers as well. Currently, there are materials from 28 countries and in 9 different languages. These numbers will continue to grow.

Where do the materials come from?

The materials in the ICL Library have primarily been donated by AFS organizations, although some are from outside sources. In order for this tool to become a complete success, we kindly request that you, AFS volunteers and staff, generously continue contributing to the library.

How do I contribute materials?

In the ICL Library, there is an option to “Contribute to the Library”. You will be asked to upload your materials and provide a document description. Documents do not need to be in English! In fact, we encourage you to contribute materials in their original language.

What are the rules and/or restrictions for use of these materials?

Materials developed by AFS Organizations: We ask that you take into consideration the time and energy that goes into creating materials and therefore provide AFS organizations credit for developing the materials you use.

Materials from external sources: Please reference the authors and check for copyright before distributing a document on a wide-scale. Also, if you adapt materials from an external source, made sure to write “Adapted from …” on your new versions.

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