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Updated 1/24/17

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Contact Information

Customer Experience & Program Innovation Management Team

  • Tara Hofmann Chief Operations & Organizational Dev. Officer
  • Melvin Harmon Senior Director, Customer Experience & Program Innovation
  • Caitlin Schneider Director, Customer Experience
  • Laszlo Fejos, Manager, Scholarships
  • Jenny Skillman Davis Manager of Program Innovation - Inbound & Itero (18+) Programs
  • Camilla Paquette Manager of Program Innovation - Outbound & Itero (18+) Programs
  • Shameeka Leacock, Program Specialist, Diversity Initiatives

Customer Experience & Program Innovation Staff

  • Erjona Koni, Customer Experience Administrative Coordinator
  • Christina (Tina) King, Study Abroad Specialist
  • Daniel Pneuman, Visa Coordinator
  • Justin DeAndrade, Study Abroad Specialist
  • Katrina Gorres, Study Abroad Specialist
  • Kory Eylmann, Senior Study Abroad Specialist
  • Kristin Etzold, Study Abroad Specialist
  • Lilyan (Lily) Beale-Wirsing, Scholarships Advisor
  • Mia Polizzotto, Study Abroad Specialist
  • Nicole (Niki) DePalo, Operations Advisor, Program Innovation
  • Renee Atkinson, Study Abroad Specialist

2017 Study Abroad Specialist Assignments

Sending Staff Contact by Team and Region

For a list of TDSs by TDS Region and Area Team, please visit the Team Development Specialist page.

Supporting Departments

Accounts Receivable:

  • Miriam Canela Accounts Receivable


  • Paula McGrath: Senior Director, Travel & Logistics
  • Tony Wong: Sending Travel Coordinator
  • Quentin Smith: Sending Travel Coordinator

Orientations and Gateways:

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