How to use the Volunteer Team Fundraising Toolkit

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Dear Volunteers and Team Development Specialists of AFS-USA:

Welcome to the AFS-USA Volunteer Fundraising Toolkit, your guide to fundraising for your Team. AFS-USA’s National Development Office (NDO) staff created and maintains its content.

The Toolkit provides resources on specific fundraising topics that may be helpful to Teams, including sample solicitation and "thank you" letters that can be adapted for local use. The Toolkit also includes a review of policies and procedures for fundraising on behalf of AFS-USA.

Each Team’s circumstances and needs are different, so there is no right way to raise funds. This Toolkit is simply intended to provide a starting place. Volunteers are encouraged to do what works for your Team, and to share your trials and successes with us for the benefit of your peers and fellow Teams across the nation.

Get Started

  • If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to transition your Team’s website to the platform by following the steps outlined in the Toolkit for Requesting Team Website Donate Page. Having your a secure online donation platform will increase the success of your local fundraising efforts and make it easier for the NDO to work with you. It is a great first step.
  • Explore the Toolkits to become familiar with the local fundraising resources available to you. We welcome any and all questions that remain unanswered there, and will be happy to help you develop your ideas inspired by the resources already available.
  • Fundraising is an ongoing process; there is no quick fix or shortcut to success. The field of fundraising is typically referred to as “development” because it is all about developing long-term personal relationships with your donors, and with others in your community, in order to provide connections to resources – both financial and otherwise.
  • Although the NDO’s limited staff cannot execute each Team’s fundraising program, we can advise you at any step along the way and welcome your inquiries.
  • This Toolkit is a work-in-progress, which we will continue to refine using feedback we receive from all of you.

Fundraising Toolkit

How to use the Volunteer Team Fundraising Toolkit
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