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Dear AFS Family,

Welcome to the National Development Office's (NDO) Wiki pages. We invite you to learn about our department goals and functions, and explore our Team Fundraising Toolkit, which provides a variety of resources on specific fundraising topics that may be helpful to Teams.



About the AFS-USA National Development Office

The National Development Office (NDO) is the fundraising department of AFS-USA. The NDO raises nearly $3 million in donations annually from individuals and institutions through activities such as alumni events, the Annual Fund, the Ambassadors Circle, corporate matching gifts, foundation grant writing, the Legacy Circle, the Monthly Giving Club, and #GivingTuesday.

FAQs about the National Development Office (NDO)

Different Functions of the NDO

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National Development Office Staff Contact List

Publications & Forms: Passport e-Newsletter, AFS-USA Annual Report, 501(c)(3) Certification, IRS Form 990, Audited Financial Statement

Team Fundraising Toolkit

Team Fundraising Toolkit Logo2.jpg

Welcome to the AFS-USA Volunteer Fundraising Toolkit, your guide to fundraising for your Team. AFS-USA’s National Development Office (NDO) staff is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the site's content.

The Toolkit provides a variety of resources on fundraising topics that may be helpful to Teams, including sample solicitation and acknowledgement letters that may be adapted for local use. The Toolkit also includes a review of policies and procedures concerning fundraising at AFS-USA.

Each Team’s circumstances and needs are unique, as there is no “right way” to raise funds at the local level. This Toolkit is intended to provide a starting place for your local fundraising strategy. If you need guidance at any stage of your fundraising planning and execution, please contact the NDO.

Fundraising Toolkit

How to use the Volunteer Team Fundraising Toolkit
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