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Welcome to AFS-USA's Program Innovation Department

As an organization, AFS-USA is committed to expanding our reach beyond our traditional audiences, both as a way to further our mission-related goals as well as to ensure our relevance and viability for generations to come. Through this innovation we are able to involve more people and, in turn, increase our effectiveness in training the world's global citizens.

Explore the programs and services currently being offered by clicking the links below.

Outbound Programs

Global Prep

From the dropdown menu "Where do you want to go?" scroll down and select "Global Prep" to view all Global Prep destinations.

Inbound Programs

Community College Program

Community College Guide for Participants and Host Families

Global Prep USA 18+ San Diego

Global Prep USA

Global Prep USA Information for AFS-USA Volunteers

Get More Information

For more information, please contact the following staff members:

For all outbound programs, contact Camilla Paquette at

For all inbound programs, contact Jenny Davis at

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