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Program Innovation Department Staff

Tara Boyce-Hofmann launched the initial strategies for new product development at AFS-USA and, in turn, orchestrated the implementation of today's New Product Development Department. Tara has had a long career with AFS, bringing a robust background to her current role as Senior Business Strategist where she oversees New Program and Product Development, School Outreach, and Strategic Planning. Before joining AFS-USA, Tara served as the Executive Director of AFS Hong Kong and worked for AFS International for close to ten years.

Melvin Harmon is the Senior Director of Customer Experience & Program Innovation. Melvin joined AFS-USA in December of 2012 after spending the previous 16 years at CIEE, most recently in the Marketing Department. Prior to his time at CIEE, he worked at AFS in hosting, sending, and support. He was an AFS student to Malaysia, a host brother, and has been a host parent many times.

Jenny Davis is the Manager of Program Innovation for Inbound and Itero (18+) programs, connected with AFS since first hosting in 1992. After 10 years as an AFS host parent, sending parent and volunteer, Jenny joined the staff in 2002 and has worked in hosting, sending, and program development at AFS and has been instrumental in launching and managing several highly successful programs, particularly the Community College and the inbound Global Prep USA programs.

Camilla Paquette is the Manager of Program Innovation for outbound groups and Global Prep programs, as well as outbound Itero (18+) programs. She joined the department in January of 2012. Prior to coming to AFS, Camilla worked for Notre Dame Mission Volunteers - AmeriCorps as a Recruitment Coordinator, as well as at St. Mary's College of Maryland creating study tours. She has also worked in countries such as Thailand, Italy, and Chile over the past 8 years. Camilla is especially involved in managing our new Global Prep Programs and is also involved in developing future programs for adults to travel through AFS.

Nicole DePalo provides application and customer service support for all Global Prep programs.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or ideas! Meanwhile, visit the Program Innovation/New Product Development section of the Wiki (below).

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