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If you are new to the AFS Wiki, or you are an infrequent user, this tool can appear to be pretty overwhelming. Here are a few quick instructions on how to use the Wiki and a few helpful hints to make your experience more enjoyable.


Quick Instructions

  • One of the most powerful features of a Wiki is that many of the Wiki pages are connected to each other through Wiki "links". Any word or phrase may be used as a link to another article in the Wiki. For example, you got to this page by clicking on a link of the phrase "Wiki Easy-to-use Instructions".
  • Articles in the Wiki are not arranged hierarchically, rather the same article may be linked to from many places.
  • There is also a powerful search function. This is located on the left hand side of every page. However, note that pressing the "enter" key is the same as clicking on "Go", not "Search". "Go" will attempt to take you to a page with the EXACT name of what you have entered in the search box. "Search" will look for all articles containing the search term, whether in the title of the article or the body. For more on "search" see the helpful hints below.
  • In addition to information on the various AFS functions, there are a number of other helpful sets of links on the main Wiki page:
    • Links to current news
    • Information about all the AFS volunteer committees and advisory groups
    • Contact information for the various AFS offices and staff members
  • In addition to Wiki articles, there are a number of attached documents, including the various AFS manuals. These appear as links just like the Wiki articles, but they will download the document (most of them are .pdf files, but there are also a number of MS-Word or MS-Excel files). The contents of these attached documents are NOT searchable like the Wiki articles are.

For more detailed instructions try Accessing Information on AFS Wiki

Helpful Hints

  • What NOT to do: The box labeled "Search" on the left hand side is NOT a good place to start unless you are looking for something specific. This box returns a long list of all the pages where that search string appears. However, unlike the Google search function, the list is not ordered with the most likely results (i.e. those where the search term appears the most often) on the top. Rather, it is ordered by newest-to-oldest page. For example, a search for the word "sending" will yield over 700 "hits" - far too many to scan through to find what you are looking for.
  • What to do: We have attempted to put on the main Wiki page links to the things that are most helpful to people. So, for example, if you are a sending volunteer, instead click on the word "Sending" under the list of AFS functions. If you are a hosting volunteer, click on "Hosting", if you are a liaison, click on the word "Support", etc.
  • If you want to print a copy of a particular page, click on the "Printable version" link in the toolbox on the left hand side of any page. This will convert the current page into a nicely formatted document without all the other heading and navigation links so that you may use the print function of your browser to created a printed copy of the information.
  • See more hints in the Tricky Wiki series of articles.

Are You Ready Now?

If you are ready, you may return to the main Wiki page by either:

  • (a) use the back function of your browser
  • (b) click on the "Main Page" in the navigation box on the left of this page
  • (c) click here

Contact us

Was this helpful? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Are you have difficulties with the Wiki that you would like to bring to our attention?

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